Thursday, February 26, 2009

Regarding my last post

Thanks for the comments! So, I have called around, and so far, I have not found what I was looking for price wise; however, the day is not over yet! While I was thinking about my situation...I remembered something that a very wise person once told me. They said, "The brick walls are there for a reason. They're not there to keep us out; the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something."

This quote is so true. If you really want something bad enough, you don't let anything get in your way. However, I am sticking to what I said: if I don't get it for the price I want today; then, I will wait patiently for the right timing. Like Joanie said, God may have other plans for my money that I don't know about yet. So, enough with that topic.

I took English 102 during my 12th grade year. That is the worst time to take a college course on top of all of the senior work and activities; however, I really wanted that head start on things. Well, the high school counselor failed to get my paperwork in on time, so, I had to take what I could get, and that happened to be English 102 which meant tons of papers. I knew I could do it if I gave it my best; however, I did not give it my best. I finished the class with a 69. I needed just 1 more point. 

I am an English major, so, it deff. had nothing to do with my ability to write papers or the quality of work I could produce. The teacher was impossible, and I was overloaded. So, when I registered for my fall semester after I graduated, I decided to pay another $300 and take the class over in the classroom this time with a diff. teacher instead of on the Internet. I made an 'A' which is what I have made in all of my Eng. classes so far except for that 1 during my senior year. 

I was  under the impression that if I retook the class and made a satisfactory grade, the old grade would be removed from my transcript and not count toward my GPA; however,this is not the way it worked out. I need a transfer scholarship in order to keep from taking out another loan. For those of you who do not know, you pretty much have to have a 3.8-4.0 to get a transfer scholarship. Without the 'D' showing up on my transcript, I would have a 4.0 . . . which I have worked very hard for.

So, I spoke with a counselor at CACC about what I could do to get it taken off of my transcript. She then told me that CACC offers a forgiveness policy for only one grade on your transcript after considering certain circumstances. She told me to get a copy of my current transcript, and come back, and she would check to see if it can be cleared. That would be great, except for the fact that even if it is cleared by CACC and I transfer with a 4.0, the 4 yr. university that I transfer to has the option of bringing that grade back and averaging it with the grade after I retook it. If this happens, that will make my 'A'  and high 'D' average out to a 'C' which will bring my GPA down.  Please be praying that my hard work will pay off when I speak with an admissions counselor at UAB, Montevallo, and Auburn. These are my transfer options. Hopefully they will acknowledge all of my other grades, and just realize that it was a mistake, and it was punishment enough by having to pay for a class I didn't get credit for! I know God will provide :) Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Selfish or not???

So, I really want an iPhone!!! I do an envelope system for my budgeting. I am very consistent with my budget, and hardly ever go over. I have a retirement fund started which will be a good bit of money when I retire on top of any retirement I may have through a future job. So, I started an envelope for this iPhone last year, and decided that I wasn't getting one until I had at least $100 saved up, and I do finally!

However, now that I have the money, I feel that it is selfish of me. I already have a Blackberry, which is a really nice phone, and it is only 6 months old. Why would I need a new phone??? I know that I don't need it, but I want it. 

I pay my tithes ALWAYS first and foremost, I donate to charities all the time, I am hosting a shoe drive for orphans, and I never spend money I don't have, so I don't know why I am feeling selfish about paying for a phone I have saved up for. I think I am going to leave it with: if I don't get the phone tomorrow for the price I want it for, with ease of just transferring my number, and selling my Blackberry ALL tomorrow...then I am taking that as a sign that I am not supposed to have it! What do you guys think?? Am I being selfish? Be honest...I will like you more for that!  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What animal would you be

I managed to go ALL last year (including winter) and up until now without getting sick. I deff. contribute that to washing my hands a million times a day. Anyway, now I am sick and it stinks...I mean come one, the end of winter. I woke up this morning at 5:45 feeling horrible, but I had to go work at the B&B, but they decided that they didn't need me, so I came back home and decided to do this blog. I was a little upset knowing that I got up that early for nothing, but then I realized how much better and more alert I feel when I wake up earlier. So, I am posed with the question on countless surveys lately: if you could be any animal, what would it be, and why? There are tons and tons of animals available to pick from so this can be a difficult question. I found myself wanting to put elephant, because this is by far my favorite animal, but then I had to say why. Other than the fact that they are so huge, but so humble or that they're my favorite, there was no other reason. So, I kept thinking. I would want to be a lioness, because she is the hunter for her pride, not the male. She is bold and strong. She also devotes loyalty to her pride. A female lion hardly ever splits from her pride until she dies. A lioness is very family oriented and one of few animals that take care of their young for a great amount of time. They do not push their young away, but encourage them to stay with the pride. She is driven and determined. She has her goals in mind and fights for them daily. Her young never go without. She is a protector and a warrior. She is beautiful. That describes many women today...strong, driven, and beautiful; therefore, I would want to be a lioness. Leave comments and let me know what animal you guys would pick and why!   

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finally, a post!

OK, so, I have been extremely busy lately, but with good things. I decided that my 09' resolution would not be to lose weight and shape up this year; it would not be to make better grades; it would not be to be a better friend, or daughter, or sister and so on. Although, these are all great things which I need to work on; I decided that my only resolution would be to GIVE MORE in every way! I want to give more of my time to God. I want to be a servant and give more of my time, hard work, and money to certain causes that will all bring him glory. I started last year by deciding to go to Costa Rica on a missions trip once again. I am not stopping there. I will not get in too deep right now, but I will keep you guys updated on how this works out and what God is revealing to me everyday that I wake up and take a breath! First things first, I am doing a shoe drive starting March 1st and ending April 30. My goal is 100 pairs of shoes! These shoes will be shipped all over the U.S. and many foreign countries to orphans who are in dire need of them. I mean could you imagine not having a pair of shoes, having to walk through snow with no shoes, having to walk on hot rocks, glass, pavement, nasty germ infested earth with no shoes. Please spread the word!!!! I am also collecting socks and shoe strings! Everything has to be new, but it doesn't have to be name brand stuff. I have heard that you can even get shoes with the price tag still attached at the thrift store! I personally am committing to buying at least 5 pair of shoes! This is a GREAT cause. You can go check it out HERE! Like I said, I know there are not a lot of people who read my blog, but the people who do can spread the word! Please let me know if you would like to help. I am starting to collect shoes now to get a head start. If someone wants to donate shoes, laces, socks, or money...please contact me (205) 643-2699 at ANYTIME!