Friday, December 12, 2008

Random draft now finished

I have noticed a few things in the past week so, here they much can happen when you don't see someone for a week. Couples end a relationship and they feel like their life as they know it is over. Guys can be much more dramatic than girls quite often, but you won't hear them admit that. I LOVE Michael Buble (unlike Brett)! I only wish I had money to buy every little kid a Christmas present! Babysitting will wear you out. I also wished I had money to buy clothes, purses, and shoes. I want to go see a play! 

Rob Thomas is amazing! Amanda Everhart is great. There is so much to do before Christmas. Can people know they are in love before being able to admit it. Finals are not worth the stress. You should never have o be anything other than yourself for someone to like you. People start drama because they are bored with their lives. People make mistakes and instead of admitting them, they tell a thousand lies to cover it up. Gossip ends in hurt...say to their face. People lose connection, easily. I want to buy Wanted and Dark Knight. Some girls would be way prettier if they only thought they were beautiful themselves. 

There are still gentlemen on the face of the earth who open one door for you and before they can let go of it they are already stretching to open the next one...That impresses me. Yes, I have two hands, but I like to know I am respected and taken care of. I am a giver and I have a hard time being a taker. My grandparents are the greatest. I hate to cancel plans at the last minute. Don't ever set your keys on the couch because it will only result in them falling in between the cushions and you looking for them for like an hour, then being 15 minutes late for meeting someone. Americans eat out way too much...especially me! I love my friends! My mom is hilarious. I love lipstick Jungle and Jack Johnson. I am responsibly irresponsible. I can't wait until Costa Rica next year. Looking forward to Starbucks. I need to end this blog, but I don't feel it is long enough and I could say so much more, and you are way bored if you are still reading it by now. ha ha. O yeah, I love music, so my grandparents got me this little mexican shell's amazing and I love it! 

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Matt said...

Wow! I leave for a couple of days and you go on a blogging spree. Maybe I need to leave more often