Friday, December 19, 2008

Ornament Swap!!!!

So, last night was Sue's ornament swap. Can you say amaz-az-ing. Now, I still live with my parents, so, this is one of my favorites during Christmas, because I get these beautiful ornaments for my tree when I finally move out! Here is a picture (it's 4:53 a.m. by the way) of me holding the ornament I picked this year (left). They said it came from Cracker Barrel...since you can't see it that well, it is clear with sparkly red and pink glitter inside (gorgeous). The ornament I got last year is a vintage design (love it long time) with a velvet black ribbon (right). It is actually made out of hot glue (very neat) (side note- the p.j.'s in the background are my NEW Victoria Secret thermal long johns. I LOVE THEM! I was supposed to wait until Christmas Eve to open them, but I told Mom that if I was opening anything earlier than Christmas morning, it was going to be now, so she gave in. Aren't they darling!?) Anyhow, two others have already blogged about this before me, but there are still not words to describe how much fun all of the women of V.R.C have when we get together. I can honestly say, I have grown up in that church, so, I know most of the women fairly well and there has NEVER been a time where I felt I was too young or left out when it comes to the "get-togethers" All of these women are very good role-models and great women after God's own heart! I can't speak highly enough about them!!! I love you guys! You people may be wondering why in the world I am blogging at (now) 5am. This is because after all of the fun and laughter at Sue's, I had a major migraine. So, I was puking when I got home at 10 p.m. and Mom turned the air on in the house, because I was burning up (sorry if everyone is freezing now!) I hate migraines...stinking Adam and Eve! Anyhow, I took 2-Excedrin Migraine and 1-Tylenol Rapid Release and my migraine was gone in an hour (little tip Mrs. works miracles!), but it had a Loritab affect on now I am wide awake but thank God my migraine is gone! Anyways, I guess I am going to work on my "work" website...the deadline is Jan. 1st and with the holidays is crunch time. PEACE & LOVE 


Sue said...

I'm SO GLAD you had a good time....ME TOO!!!!! I'm sorry you had a headache. I had to take something during the actual swapping because I could feel one. I've been having them for two days now but I feel GREAT this morning....about to get ready to go to work.....LOVE YOU!!!!!

Sue said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those new Victoria Secret P.J.'s.....why didn't you show your matching houseshoes????