Friday, December 19, 2008

Ornament Swap!!!!

So, last night was Sue's ornament swap. Can you say amaz-az-ing. Now, I still live with my parents, so, this is one of my favorites during Christmas, because I get these beautiful ornaments for my tree when I finally move out! Here is a picture (it's 4:53 a.m. by the way) of me holding the ornament I picked this year (left). They said it came from Cracker Barrel...since you can't see it that well, it is clear with sparkly red and pink glitter inside (gorgeous). The ornament I got last year is a vintage design (love it long time) with a velvet black ribbon (right). It is actually made out of hot glue (very neat) (side note- the p.j.'s in the background are my NEW Victoria Secret thermal long johns. I LOVE THEM! I was supposed to wait until Christmas Eve to open them, but I told Mom that if I was opening anything earlier than Christmas morning, it was going to be now, so she gave in. Aren't they darling!?) Anyhow, two others have already blogged about this before me, but there are still not words to describe how much fun all of the women of V.R.C have when we get together. I can honestly say, I have grown up in that church, so, I know most of the women fairly well and there has NEVER been a time where I felt I was too young or left out when it comes to the "get-togethers" All of these women are very good role-models and great women after God's own heart! I can't speak highly enough about them!!! I love you guys! You people may be wondering why in the world I am blogging at (now) 5am. This is because after all of the fun and laughter at Sue's, I had a major migraine. So, I was puking when I got home at 10 p.m. and Mom turned the air on in the house, because I was burning up (sorry if everyone is freezing now!) I hate migraines...stinking Adam and Eve! Anyhow, I took 2-Excedrin Migraine and 1-Tylenol Rapid Release and my migraine was gone in an hour (little tip Mrs. works miracles!), but it had a Loritab affect on now I am wide awake but thank God my migraine is gone! Anyways, I guess I am going to work on my "work" website...the deadline is Jan. 1st and with the holidays is crunch time. PEACE & LOVE 

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bamboo and Christmas shopping

This, my friends, is the only plant I can keep alive. If you like plants, but you can't keep them alive, I HIGHLY recommend Bamboo!! Like seriously, I have not watered mine in 8 months...The water is almost evaporated, yet the bamboo is still growing. It's so simple, I just walked into a Chinese restaurant and said, "hey, I want to buy some bamboo". This is how it all started. ha ha. Anyhow, I realized tonight that my mom is the hardest person to shop for. She gives me a Christmas list of 5 things that she wants, then gives me a spending limit, and says that if I get anything that is not on the list, she will not like it. Why do people make gift-giving on Christmas so difficult. Hope it is easier for you guys! I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! I want a new camera, but I didn't ask for it for Christmas so I am pretty sure I am not getting it. All I know is I have a huge present under the tree almost all tall as me and I don't remember asking for anything that big. I hope its new tires...I don't know if you guys have checked the prices on tires lately, but they are expensive and mine are about to blow up... let's hope not. I went bowling last night with Chad and Bo to celebrate the fact that the semester is over and had a great time...thanks guys, yall are great! So, It is 12 something a.m. and I want to get up kind of early to go shopping tomorrow so I better hit the sack. PEACE & LOVE 

Random draft now finished

I have noticed a few things in the past week so, here they much can happen when you don't see someone for a week. Couples end a relationship and they feel like their life as they know it is over. Guys can be much more dramatic than girls quite often, but you won't hear them admit that. I LOVE Michael Buble (unlike Brett)! I only wish I had money to buy every little kid a Christmas present! Babysitting will wear you out. I also wished I had money to buy clothes, purses, and shoes. I want to go see a play! 

Rob Thomas is amazing! Amanda Everhart is great. There is so much to do before Christmas. Can people know they are in love before being able to admit it. Finals are not worth the stress. You should never have o be anything other than yourself for someone to like you. People start drama because they are bored with their lives. People make mistakes and instead of admitting them, they tell a thousand lies to cover it up. Gossip ends in hurt...say to their face. People lose connection, easily. I want to buy Wanted and Dark Knight. Some girls would be way prettier if they only thought they were beautiful themselves. 

There are still gentlemen on the face of the earth who open one door for you and before they can let go of it they are already stretching to open the next one...That impresses me. Yes, I have two hands, but I like to know I am respected and taken care of. I am a giver and I have a hard time being a taker. My grandparents are the greatest. I hate to cancel plans at the last minute. Don't ever set your keys on the couch because it will only result in them falling in between the cushions and you looking for them for like an hour, then being 15 minutes late for meeting someone. Americans eat out way too much...especially me! I love my friends! My mom is hilarious. I love lipstick Jungle and Jack Johnson. I am responsibly irresponsible. I can't wait until Costa Rica next year. Looking forward to Starbucks. I need to end this blog, but I don't feel it is long enough and I could say so much more, and you are way bored if you are still reading it by now. ha ha. O yeah, I love music, so my grandparents got me this little mexican shell's amazing and I love it! 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SNOW!!?? Alabama. No way! I will say that I am not a huge fan of snow. It is like rain, I like to watch it but not be in it. The weather is crazy. Also, I am so tired of hearing about the auto bail-out plan. Stop making cars that we are not selling and bringing in money to pay for. I don't see these families who have had to go bankrupt during this economy fiasco getting any bail-out plan! Just my opinion. For the first time in my life, I have used a whole tube of chapstick in under 6 months. Somehow, I managed to make a 'C' on my first History test...a 'D' on my second and a 'A' on the last two and I came out with an 'A' in the class!! That made my day. Anyhow, gotta study...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Let me start off by saying I have failed miserably at this whole blogging thing. I have had a very hectic, but amazing passed seven days. Lets start off by telling you something you already know. AMANDA AND MATT ARE PREGNANT AND I HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE TITLE "AUNT KAYLA"...AMAZING!!! Deep breath...I have finals tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., but I am deff. looking forward to it because 1. I think I will make at least a B on one of them and an A on the rest and 2. the semester will be OVER!! Finally an actual break, maybe more blogging time. I still have not registered for classes next semester, so I may not get the classes I want...oh well. I am transferring after my summer semester next year and have no idea where to. I have to admit with all of the busyness, I am still STOKED that it is Christmas time. I love to get present, but most of all, I love to give presents!!! I love the Xmas lights, trees, hats, people standing at Walmart wanting your change, traffic, shoppers, music...I love it all. I cannot wait until Christmas morning when I can open all of my presents!!! I was thinking while I was studying for my exams for 9 hrs. earlier, I would love to do something skydive, now! 
Then I found this picture when Amanda and I were obviously thinking of doing something amazing, but remembered we were broke so we had to act the amazing I need sleep so I can be smart and on my game tomorrow, so that's it for now. PEACE. 

Monday, November 24, 2008

I have come to realize...

1. I've come to reali​ze that​.​.​.​Time is my worst enemy!

2.I've come to reali​ze that my job.​.​IS BETTER THAN MOST SO I NEED NOT COMPLAIN.

3. I've come to reali​ze that when I'm drivi​ng.​.​.​I NEED TO CONTROL MY ROAD RAGE.

4. I've come to reali​ze that I need.​.​.​MORE HOURS IN A DAY.

5. I've come to reali​ze that my heart​.​.​.​SHOULD HURT FOR WHAT GOD'S HEART HURTS FOR!

6. I've come to reali​ze that I hate it when.​.​.​PEOPLE SECOND GUESS SOMEONE BECAUSE OF WHERE THEY HAVE COME FROM.


8. I've come to reali​ze that money​.​.​IS NOT EVERYTHING AND IF I DIE RIGHT NOW...IT CAN'T GO WITH ME.

9. I've come to reali​ze that certa​in peopl​e.​.​.​SHOW UP JUST WHEN YOU NEED THEM :)

10. I've come to reali​ze that I'll never​ be.​.​.​ANYTHING LESS THAN WHAT I AM CALLED TO BE!

11. I've come to reali​ze drugs​ are.​.​.​STUPID!

12. I've come to reali​ze that my best frien​d.​.​.​IS BEYOND AMAZING!

13. I've come to reali​ze that my cell phone​.​.​.​IS USED WAY TOO MUCH AND SOMETIMES I NEED TO JUST TURN IT OFF.

14. I've come to reali​ze that last night​ befor​e i went to sleep​.​.​.​I THOUGHT ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE TO READ BUT DON'T MAKE TIME FOR IT.

15. I've come to reali​ze when i woke up this morni​ng.​.​.I WANTED TO GO BACK TO SLEEP

16. I've come to reali​ze that right​ now I am think​ing about​.​.​.​MISTAKES AND HOW GOD'S GRACE IS SUFFICIENT.

17. I've come to reali​ze that when I get on Blogger.​.​.​I CLEAR MY MIND...ITS LIKE THERAPY.

18. I've come to reali​ze that yeste​rday.​.​.​WAS A LAZY DAY...SLEPT AFTER CHURCH. MOVIE WAS ALRIGHT.

19. I've come to reali​ze that today​.​.​.​WAS AN O.K. DAY.

20. I've come to reali​ze that tonig​ht.​.​.​IS GREAT SO FAR.


22. I've come to reali​ze that I reall​y want to.​.​.​.​GET MY OWN PLACE!

23. I've come to reali​ze that the perso​n who is most likel​y to repos​t this.​.​.​.PEOPLE PROBABLY WON'T REPOST IT.

24. I've come to reali​ze that I love.​.​.​PEOPLE.

25. I've come to reali​ze that this weeke​nd.​.​.​WILL BE AMAZING!! :D 

26. I've reali​zed the best music​ to liste​n to when I am upset​.​.​MICHAEL BUBLE


28. I've come to reali​ze that this year.​.​.​.​IS ALMOST OVER!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

For Matt and Sue...

I have been notified that I am slacking on my blogging I have been extremely busy lately! I have a second job now, and I thought that it would just be a side job, but I have found myself not getting off until 11:45 some nights :( I also have finals coming up! I deff. miss spending time with Amanda Everhart and Leighann

I finally decided on my major today: English!! I am not sure if I want to be a high school English teacher or just go straight into being an English professor. To all of the people who told me not to go into education, because it doesn't pay well, it is stressful, etc. get over it! I may not ever be rich materialistically, but who cares! I am sure I will have all I need in Christ Jesus! Why do I need a mansion here when I already have one waiting on me...hello??? Anyhow, I have always felt I was called to the mission field, and I always wanted it to be somewhere far off, but that is not always how it works. I have come to realize that my mission field my be in a high school or college campus...either way it is just as important! 

Anyhow, back to the busyness. I have something going on every weekend now, so deff. no time to rest there. There is so much going on!!!! I did make a 100 on a History test today; which is a first!

I wanted this blog to be GREAT. I was trying to hold off until I could post pictures or a video, but I was informed that I was slacking; so, no GREATNESS...sorry! This is actually randomness! I am sure I will have more to post later, but I about to get some sleep!

This is why diligence pays off:

Proverbs 10:4-He who has a slack hand become poor, but the hand of the diligent makes rich. 

Monday, October 27, 2008


So...I haven't blogged in quite some time. I have had a lot going on, but I prefer to call it "my new amazing". Everything keeping me so busy lately has all been answered prayers. Though my family has been thrown a curve ball recently, we stand on faith. Anyhow, how can you focus on the bad when there is so much good going on. I have had moments where I was like I will never be as happy as I am right now, but I can deff. say I am the happiest I have ever been. I am not stopping here though, I am going to even greater heights. I know that God has treasure stored for me, because Isaiah 45:3 says, "I will give you the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches in secret places, That you may know that I, the Lord, Who call you by your name, am the God of Israel."  

Sunday, October 12, 2008

God and wireless internet!

Both wonderful things respectably in that order. I had been asking Mom for wireless Internet at the house for quite some time so that  I wouldn't have to carry my laptop to the living room to get on the Internet. So we finally got the equipment delivered to the house to go wireless and as always, we had to call overseas for directions of how to activate the thing. It just so happened to be a foreign person who did not understand us or did not know what she was doing, either was very frustrating! I got on the phone with her and she asked me what type of laptop I had, and I told her I had a MacBook. She then insisted that I tell her the model of my computer, and I repeatedly told her that it was a MacBook made by Apple and the lady still isn't finally, after almost reaching a breaking point, she realizes what I am talking about and gives me an 8 digit password to type in. What do you took me straight to the Internet. All she had to do was give me the password to start with instead of walking me through unnecessary steps. As I was thinking about how I spent so much time on the phone with this lady listening to unnecessary steps, I thought about how God must feel or what he must be thinking when he says "Kayla, I command you to..." and I question God saying send me a sign that this is really what you are saying. I can only imagine him saying, "I created you, I know what you are capable of. Quit making the task harder than it is, trust me, I am walking through it with you. I know the burden you can bear!" I question him and take many unnecessary steps to avoid the issue, when really, I could just make everything a lot easier by saying, "OK God, I said send me; therefore, now I will go!" It is amazing how getting frustrated about materialistic things can snap you back to reality so quickly and humble you more than anything else. I hope that you also take time to listen to God speak to you in the small still voice he speaks to me with! Work tomorrow. Back in a bit.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Busy week!

So this week is midterm week. My English midterm was way easy and I am hoping that the rest are also. I have been studying like crazy (probably over studying)! Anyhow, In the meantime, I forgot that I had an appointment in Birmingham yesterday because I wrote in one spot that it was Wed. and Monday night I realized it was really supposed to be Monday morning. I will blame it on the sleep deprivation! I basically got my knuckle shaved off by accidentally sticking it in the ceiling fan! Although, I am pretty excited about six flags Saturday!! Just wanted to post a little something so I didn't have to say I hadn't posted in a week!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Here I find myself sitting in Starbucks on a lovely Saturday! You may say...why would anyone want to sit in Starbucks on a Saturday??? I lost a bet to a wonderful friend and the deal was that I would pay for a meal if I lost the bet and as always I lost. So, I was kinda thinking that since this Friend of mine doesn't really eat like a girl...I would get out cheaper paying for Starbucks instead of say...Wings. Anyhow....just wanted to tell you about my Saturday so far. the rest of the day consist of Alabama Football!!!  Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!!  

Thursday, October 2, 2008

School, School, More School.

I do not mind the waking up at 6 a.m. to get to my first class, but what bothers me is my monotoned History professor. He does not add any emphasis or tone to his words, he uses wooden guns as demonstrations, and bar stools to illustrate the decapitation of one's head. He is not crazy like a lot of Prof. you will meet but he is quite the opposite, WAY boring. What is a girl to do in a boring history class but sleep. I sleep with my eyes open and daydream. Although, when test time comes, my daydreaming has gotten me absolutely nowhere. Lloyd Mehaffey, please be a college Prof. when you retire from teaching high school English! We need professors like you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I mentioned in my last blog that I am waiting on God to reveal my calling...I was looking around on stuff christians like, and the latest blog really revealed what God was trying to say to me the whole time. Like the blog "trying to find a cause" I was so adamant about hearing a thundering voice call me from the crowd to do something great that I missed what God was trying to tell me the entire time. Had I not taken the time to hear God's voice through a blog, I might still be seeking after tomorrow instead of praising him in my now! I want to live my adventure in his will and not my imagination. Many times my imagination has blocked out what God is trying to say. I will put all trust in him and cling to that small voice that guides me daily. I am my beloved's, My Beloved is mine!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Newby to the blogging world!

I have heard about the blogspot website for a year now, and I did not make time to make one because I have been so busy. I have explored my many options of relieving stress and this is my new option to try. I am in college and also working (nothing uncommon for a young adult nowadays). However, I hear people say all the time that they would give anything just to be 18 again...I can see this being true because I deff. have less bills than a 30 yr. old, but it is not the best place to be in your life. I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I was 5, but now that the time has finally arrived, I find myself with not just a choice of 2 paths, but a billion paths to choose from. The only problem is, every path is not perfect. I am trusting in God to reveal my calling and my destiny. I know that it is his will for my life and not my fleshly desires! I trust that God will take me to new heights.