Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Selfish or not???

So, I really want an iPhone!!! I do an envelope system for my budgeting. I am very consistent with my budget, and hardly ever go over. I have a retirement fund started which will be a good bit of money when I retire on top of any retirement I may have through a future job. So, I started an envelope for this iPhone last year, and decided that I wasn't getting one until I had at least $100 saved up, and I do finally!

However, now that I have the money, I feel that it is selfish of me. I already have a Blackberry, which is a really nice phone, and it is only 6 months old. Why would I need a new phone??? I know that I don't need it, but I want it. 

I pay my tithes ALWAYS first and foremost, I donate to charities all the time, I am hosting a shoe drive for orphans, and I never spend money I don't have, so I don't know why I am feeling selfish about paying for a phone I have saved up for. I think I am going to leave it with: if I don't get the phone tomorrow for the price I want it for, with ease of just transferring my number, and selling my Blackberry ALL tomorrow...then I am taking that as a sign that I am not supposed to have it! What do you guys think?? Am I being selfish? Be honest...I will like you more for that!  


DaNella Auten said...

Actually, as long as your tithes are paid, and all of your bills taken care of, I would say it is a just reward for your hard work. However it is good to be sensitive to God, maybe he knows something you don't. (yes I am joking... of course God knows somethng we don't.) So over all this is helping you none huh?
God won't tell you out right yes or no often, so you have to follow the little hints he gives you. I would agree that if you don't get the price you get, then wait on it.
Love ya

Joannie said...

Maybe it would be worth it to take a day & ask Jesus how he would want you to spend the money? Is there a friend, family member, or someone else that he would want you to bless with that money? Would he want you to just continue to save it & use it for something else maybe that you will want later on, since you have a good working phone? He may want you to purchase something else. Maybe a new praise & worship CD, one of Jason's sermons on CD, who knows? Whatever he tells you I pray that you'll love it! Life is full of questions & the best person to seek answers from is Jesus, so....ask him to help you decide how to spend it. Love ya, Joannie

Sue said...

I think you will know the right answer...if there is doubt..wait! It may be that you are to have it later. I know that you are very good with money so I know that you will receive the answer "in His time"!