Thursday, February 19, 2009

What animal would you be

I managed to go ALL last year (including winter) and up until now without getting sick. I deff. contribute that to washing my hands a million times a day. Anyway, now I am sick and it stinks...I mean come one, the end of winter. I woke up this morning at 5:45 feeling horrible, but I had to go work at the B&B, but they decided that they didn't need me, so I came back home and decided to do this blog. I was a little upset knowing that I got up that early for nothing, but then I realized how much better and more alert I feel when I wake up earlier. So, I am posed with the question on countless surveys lately: if you could be any animal, what would it be, and why? There are tons and tons of animals available to pick from so this can be a difficult question. I found myself wanting to put elephant, because this is by far my favorite animal, but then I had to say why. Other than the fact that they are so huge, but so humble or that they're my favorite, there was no other reason. So, I kept thinking. I would want to be a lioness, because she is the hunter for her pride, not the male. She is bold and strong. She also devotes loyalty to her pride. A female lion hardly ever splits from her pride until she dies. A lioness is very family oriented and one of few animals that take care of their young for a great amount of time. They do not push their young away, but encourage them to stay with the pride. She is driven and determined. She has her goals in mind and fights for them daily. Her young never go without. She is a protector and a warrior. She is beautiful. That describes many women today...strong, driven, and beautiful; therefore, I would want to be a lioness. Leave comments and let me know what animal you guys would pick and why!   

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codie lee said...

Well like you... I would be an elephant. No doubt about it! They are big and strong. They are tae care of the babies and love for life. They are fast enough to get away but strong enough to stand their ground. They can be useful and they can be something pretty to look at. They are tall. I have always wanted to be tall! They leave a mark on everyone that sees them. They always leave an interesting foot print... They are also gray. They also get to play in the mud.. for fun.

Ok this is my random why i would want to be an elephant...

Oh and like me... and elephant never forgets! :)